Hell Yea! Man Skydives Naked for Rhinos!

Naked Skydive For Rhinos from Earth Touch on Vimeo.

Chris’s crazy streak meets his inner eco-warrior in a season finale to remember: a naked skydive to raise awareness about Africa’s rhino poaching crisis! But before the big leap from 12,000ft, Chris visits a wildlife reserve that’s experienced the devastating effects of poaching firsthand.

Chris — you are a hero, man! And an honorary agent of SLA. More brave eco-warriors, please!

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Until we act: we will continue to lose a rhino every 9 hours. We thank goddess for all you courageous humans who are stepping up.

Weed Goddess Free and Naked Smoking On the Streets of San Francisco

“I wanted to bring the joy, fun and magic that cannabis brings to my life. The Cannabis Goddess got released from her handcuffs and is freely roaming on the streets of San Francisco sharing her love. I intend to keep doing this Green Cannabis Artivism many more times in many different cities and spread the seeds of Mother Nature and to raise awareness about the healing aspects of Marijuana and its necessary legalization.”

Jil Love Revolution

via Dr. Menlo