Hi, everybody! Dr. Menlo here–I just wanted to come on and say a few words about this blog . . . recently we were honored to have Fred Lapides (of Bushwacker and Good Shit fame, previously of Booknotes and Metafilter fame . . . still on MeFi, actually . . . ) come aboard this blog. Of course, he is much more prolific than Pagan Moss or myself, and this is good! Sensual Liberation Army is now the most visited weblog on drmenlo.com!

However, recently Fred has started to use pics from other people’s servers–so I want to tell all webmasters who may be coming here out of their referrer files that this is NOT common practice over here, and I will put a stop to it immediately. My pic policy is this, and I will make sure to put this in perma-print over here on this template as well as on my own–we ‘sample’ pics; that is, we use a portion of your image in order to lead traffic over to your site–they are always hyperlinked back to their source! The pics are moved to our servers so as not to burden yours . . . we, bloggers, are internet djs . . . by playing a record djs aren’t saying they made the record–they are highlighting what they feel is great or notable work. This is a collage; if you don’t want to be part of our collage just email us and we will take your pic off.

Also, this is a weblog, and not a pic post. When Pagan uses a pic, it always leads to a GALLERY of pics, and not just to the source of one pic.

Also, I am very pleased to announce that the Hostile Redhead has also agreed to become a blogging agent of Sensual Liberation Army! . . . but right now, understandably, she isn’t sure what our themes are . . . So, today, me and Pagan will be performing a Sensual Liberation Army Blogging Blowout Sale. We’re going to show you what it’s all about.