. . . this picture from this gallery chosen because of the following article seen at Daze:

I Hate the Money Shot

Because, you see, I’m not alone in my hatred of the money shot. An awful lot of other women really dislike it too. The more I talk to female porn surfers, the more I hear the same thing. They don’t want to see it. They find it degrading, and disgusting, pointless, and distracting and not the slightest bit sexy.

They, like me, wonder why on earth a man would have fabulous sex for half an hour and yet withdraw at the last minute and masturbate to orgasm. They, like me, can’t help but wince when they see the woman kneel before the man and smile subserviently at him while he deposits globs of semen in her eye. They, like me, roll their eyes at all the worshipful fuss made over a few spurts of bodily fluid. They, like me, wish they could see the man’s face as he reaches orgasm, because male facial expressions are primarily what most women experience when their man is in ecstasy. [more]

What do you think out there? Guys? Girls?

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