Sex Work More Attractive For Students

“With the cost of tertiary education steadily rising, a new study has shown that many students are preferring to work in brothels and strip clubs instead of the more traditional waitressing or bar work.”

Read more via The World Today.

Believe it or not, most of the IMs and e-mails I receive are not from creepy old men, but from young female students who are interested in working in the sex industry and are looking for advice. I definitely can’t say this type of work is for everyone, or that it doesn’t have it’s drawbacks. But then again, what job doesn’t. Since I’ve left the peeps and have moved on to “normal” work, I’m more tired, have less money, and most importantly to me, have less free time. It takes a week now to make the same amount of money I used to make in three days. However, over time, the sex industry takes a lot out of you in different ways, and I think it is important to take breaks, only work part-time, or make sure you stay balanced.

If you are a girl thinking about working in the industry, I have three words of advice before jumping into it: Do Your Homework!!

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