I think I’m in love with this girl. You can see her entire gallery at I Shot Myself in addition to many other wonderful galleries. I really love this site because the models take their own pics of themselves, which adds another layer of sexiness. It is amazing how much talent and beauty there is out there and I love the independent medium which embraces creativity, diversity, et al. It is no wonder that Playboy and the like are reeling as a result. (So much so that Playboy recently hooked up with Suicide Girls to try to hip their image, and, while Suicide Girls features many beautiful models and was probably the first to feature the alternative girl [with tats, piercings, etc.], we here at Sensual Liberation Army detest the Suicide Girls right-wing pro-Bush stance as led by the site’s co-founder Spooky.)

So not only does I Shot Myself also feature countless beautiful alternative girls, they also link to IndyMedia, as well.

Now, that’s sexy.

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