From the Redwhore:

Here’s the deal. It’s easy-easy to find one guy who’ll work well with K and me, because it’s all about me. If I like the guy, I fuck him. If he’s really good, I fuck him more than once. In the several years we’ve been doing this, we’ve probably met three guys that make that cut, B being head-and-shoulders above the rest.

But, if I want three cocks or more, it’s a little tougher. That’s when you have to do it at an on-premise swing club*. Then, it’s much more conducive to a gang-bang or circle jerk.

Problem is, I will admit something– I have a hard time cumming in public. While I love the attention like it’s cocaine, the rush I get from being watched by strangers as I’m being fucked is entirely different from wanting to cum. It’s more of a performance. Most of the time, I cum later talking with K about what a slut I was.

So, let’s say I really want to spend some time with three cocks–not performing, but in my bedroom with several hours to spare. In that case (believe me), everyone has to like each other. You can’t have someone who’s “cocksure” (I love that word) trying to “thrust” his way into my perfect orgasm. Otherwise, I’ll shut down. K can tell ‘ya. When someone’s over the top, I stop. (Though I wasn’t trying to be M. Ali here, I’m on a roll, don’t you think?)

Bottom line is, I’d really like B to fuck me, X to be in my mouth, and K to stand and stroke. Someday, let’s do that.

*Before you gasp with horror and claim that all these clubs have old, fat people in them, let me set you straight. Reality is, there are clubs all over the US that cater to all types of people. I’d say the average age of the patrons is 30-50 years old. Yes, there are physically unattractive people that go, and very attractive people, also. But I’ve never been to one where we didn’t have a ball. Or two.



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