Naked Loft Party

Talk to some people for a while. Touch some girls. Eventually you’ll find your girlfriend in a little blue room conversing with a little black fairy who has heaving breasts. Across from you a black woman fishes out her boyfriend’s big black cock and sucks on it. Miguel and Leandra enter the room, followed by another black couple. Everyone is sexy. Cup your hand now and spank Leandra’s ass properly, feeling her wetness when your finger slips a bit and finds its way to her pussy lips. Watch the black fairy slip out of her costume. The orgy is now growing around you. Play with the girls but don’t forget to pay attention to your girlfriend.

The room is now a cramped sauna. Take your girlfriend’s hand and flee to the back, to a cool, dark little room with an empty bed. This is where you fuck her the way she deserves to be fucked. She screams, but it’s not like you are putting on a show. For an orgy person, having sex in a dark corner of a crowded party feels as intimate as having sex at home. Ghostly figures sometimes walk through the room on their way to find new cocks and cunts but you do not flinch, nor do you take extra pleasure in their presence, their furtive glances. When you are about to come all you can think is “blue, blue, blue.” Your orgasm sits down with you for a while to have a chat over tea. You are Ivan Karamazov and it is the Devil.

Afterwards you find Schoolgirl wandering the halls wearing nothing but a corset. Suck her tiny pink nipples. Spank her tiny white ass. Be mindful of your technique. Remember to cup your hand–it’s only good for her when your palm stings and your ears ring. Watch her and your girlfriend for a while. Compliment them both on the excellent show. Say it with feeling. Even better, let them see that your cock is hard. [more]

We have been remiss here at SLA in updating our sex blogs list. When we first started in late 2000, the list of sex blogs out there was very small (only two that I knew of– [now defunct] and Chaz). As you can imagine, that list is now very big–we plan to start catching up as of now. What are you favorite sex blogs, readers? Leave them in the comments section for us all to see!