The New Age of Rave

” . . . Schmidt and her friends are high on ‘New Age raves,’ an underground movement that blends the healthiest elements of raves´┐Żelectronic music and dance marathons´┐Żwith yoga, meditation and other spiritual rites. Drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden. All the people at this event, sponsored by a group called Body Temple, are looking for a Saturday-night party where they can lose themselves without taking anything more potent than a shot of blue-algae juice. Some are urban yoga addicts looking for new ways to get a fix. Others, like Schmidt, are refugees from the rave scene who have hit bottom and climbed back up. More than a decade after raves started in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, club goers have had enough of overdoses and hangovers.” [more]

via PlasticBoy

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