Pagan’s Pics Four!

Peep Show Stories
By Pagan Moss


Again, he wanted me to keep the window open a little. He also wanted Girl to sit in the booth with me. I told him he had to tip her and he agreed. She joined us and we told him we were girlfriends and we got it on at work and outside of work. I undressed her and knelt behind her, cupping her breasts in my hands. I licked and kissed her neck. She giggled nervously. She then undressed me and we laid on our backs facing him in the booth.

This is Girl:

Pagan’s Pics Three!

We love letters like this:


Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that both me and my girlfriend think your website is great.

Beautiful, natural, real looking women (and sometimes men) and lots of great links for vegetarian/vegan yoga

doing peaceniks like us. It’s so nice that lefties and natural types are embracing porn. Early on I found

vegans and liberals very uptight and anti-sex (a regurgitaiton of America’s puritanical orthodoxy for

sure-much like early feminism’s anti-sex worker stance), I’m glad that’s all changing. The pursuit of

pleasure is the way of life (notice that things that are bad for us almost always hurt, whereas things that

are good for us make us feel better-a few glasses of wine vs 2 bottles and a hangover the next day) and glad

to see someone sane, sensible and non commercial doing sexy things on the world wide dweeb.



(former Seattlitte)

Dr. Menlo is right: I love mail! Please send me more mail!

paganmoss (at)

Speaking of Dr. Menlo, this may or not be his ass:

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