And now, it’s time for a little beauty . . .

Don’t forget folks: for the best in modern nudist photography, goto Coccozella. Few know that Cocco is actually a lady and a nudist one at that! (nude pics of her exist on the site, but none with her face, alas) . . .

Lest we forget:

Barcelona Nude Against The War

is just one of many, many recent Nude for Peace demonstrations. See Baring Witness for a list of them all.

Something happenin’ here? They are honorary Sensual Liberation Army agents all!!!

And speaking of honorary Sensual Liberation Army agents:

We Love Candy Mejia!

Her mission? “I want young women to feel as comfortable as I do walking around naked. My name is Candy Mejia.”

Imagine our elation when Candy sent us a thank you for linking her on SLA some months ago, an elation only heightened by her inclusion of a link to another photo gallery of her posing as a nudist in a jungle-esque setting, with permission to use on our site! Imagine our disconcernment, however, when we went back to that site to get us some pics, and found that it was gone! Candy! Why didn’t we mirror it when we had the chance? Can you give us another chance?!

See, which we like except for the flash-is-mandatory part: slow down! Let us goto flash by choice!

In this time of a momentary lull in the Bush junta invasions-series and the advent of spring, it would seem a salacious idea to take a break from the horrors of man and instead adorn one’s eyes with the beautiful sight of naked humans enjoying nature. And each other, natch 😉 . . .

Enjoy your body while you have it.