I don’t believe in wearing clothes at all, ideally–but if you have to wear clothes at all, and if you have to wear underwear at all–I suppose the thong is the best place to start.

We had a few links from a way back–2, actually–one about teen girls buying record amounts of sexy lingerie (like thongs), and one celebrating the anniversary of the thong. Both links have since expired so we weren’t sure what to do, until we came across an entire thong blog-bloc by Dumbmonkey, which we will sample for you here:

” . . . ahhhhhhhh, the beauty, the wonder, and the glory that is thong
more thong; thong theory; thong throngs; thong 911; revenge of the thong;

& no, we not talking ’bout dis kinda thong, ohhh nooooo,
or dis kinda thong, nooosirreeee; or dis kinda thong, no way no how…
more like dis kinda thong, oh yahhhh, babee, dat’s troooooly callipygian….”

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